<![CDATA[Recycling Tricks - Blog]]>Mon, 07 Dec 2015 03:56:45 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Four Reasons to Recycle Those Old Soda Cans]]>Mon, 07 Dec 2015 10:46:31 GMThttp://recyclingtricks.weebly.com/blog/-four-reasons-to-recycle-those-old-soda-cansTossing a soda can into the trash receptacle might be habit, but there are plenty of incentives to take pause before doing it the next time you quench your thirst. Here are four reasons to recycle those used soda cans.

Energy is a large component in the initial creation of aluminum cans. Opting to recycle the product means using only five percent of the energy that would be otherwise used to produce new materials. Over a billion gallons are saved in gasoline usage and only five percent of greenhouse gas emissions are produced during the recycling process as opposed to the creation of new cans. To put it into perspective, by recycling a single can, enough energy is saved to keep a light bulb lit for nearly four hours.
Each soda can you toss into the trash is one more item that will be added to a landfill. Since it takes upwards of 500 years before a can will begin to oxidize, that space remains filled and the amount of land that becomes designated to hold trash continually grows. This results in increased pollution and toxic emissions in the land and waters nearby, which can have far reaching effects. By reducing the amount of recyclable materials wasted in this manner, the land can be utilized for more productive means than simply as a dangerous garbage facility.

The more recycling that is done in order to procure aluminum, the less mining needs to be utilized. Aluminum is extracted from the ore bauxite, which is completed using a complex process. Mining not only disrupts the soil by causing erosion and decreased water retention capabilities, but it also has a great effect on other aspects of the environment as it is detrimental to rain forests, plant habitats and animals that live in the region. The extraction process can also contaminate ground water supply and reduce air quality.

By having to utilize fewer resources to create virgin ore, manufacturing becomes more efficient and the cost translates to a stronger economy. However, you can see monetary benefits in an even speedier fashion if you take the cans to a recycling center yourself.  Many centers will pay an incentive fee for your recyclable goods such as these.

Making the decision to recycle your aluminum soda cans has a huge impact on the world around you while also lining your pockets just a bit. Click on this website to learn more about aluminum recycling in San Jose.

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<![CDATA[ New Life for Old Radiators ]]>Mon, 07 Dec 2015 10:07:43 GMThttp://recyclingtricks.weebly.com/blog/-new-life-for-old-radiators
Has your car’s radiator sprung a leak? Don’t throw it away. Recycle it. Your car’s radiator can get a second chance to hit the road.

Get It Ready

Before you bring your radiator to a recycling center, take it out of the car and remove any antifreeze. Because some coolant can be fatal to animals, make sure you collect it in a container and dispose of it properly.

Age Matters

Car radiators have evolved over time. If your car is a vintage model, made before 1990, there is a good chance the radiator is made of brass and copper. These radiators will fetch the highest price from a metal recycler.

The current, most common radiators are a combination of plastic tanks and aluminum parts. When recycling this type of radiator, be sure and remove the plastic tank, after it’s been drained, before bringing it to the recycle center. The aluminum is the recyclable material.

Endless Reincarnations

Recycling does not diminish aluminum. Your old radiator will go to a processing plant where it will be melted down with other aluminum. The molten aluminum is formed into ingots and undergoes quality testing. The reclaimed aluminum can then be turned into new radiators.

Give your old radiator a new chance at life by recycling it. Visit this website to learn about the radiator recycling program in Mountain View.

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<![CDATA[ Permanently Reboot Your Old Computer ]]>Mon, 07 Dec 2015 10:01:19 GMThttp://recyclingtricks.weebly.com/blog/-permanently-reboot-your-old-computer
You’re done with your old computer. It gave you the blue screen of death right before you finished your big project. Don’t give in to frustration and angrily throw it in the garbage. Instead, get your revenge, and gain some other benefits, by recycling it.

Help the Planet

Computers are full of potentially hazardous materials. When they end up landfills, they leak toxic materials which can leach into the soil and even groundwater. Recycling companies know how to properly dispose of electronics’ toxic components.

Avoid a Fine

Not only is dumping your computer wasteful, it’s potentially illegal. Many local governments have prohibitions in place against throwing computers away with the regular garbage. If you are caught, you can face a fine. Don’t let your old computer cost you again, take it to a reputable recycler.

Make Work not Trash

Recycling electronics like your old computer creates jobs. High volumes of electronic waste support an entire industry of professionals. By recycling, you are supporting a business that keeps toxins out of the environment.

Foil Identity Thieves

Scammers love to find old computers in dumpsters. They can be a treasure-trove of private information perfect for opening credit cards and draining bank accounts. Prevent this by recycling yours.

Don’t put your old computer in the trash. Visit this website to learn more about electronic recycling in Sunnyvale.

<![CDATA[ Say No to Landfills ]]>Mon, 07 Dec 2015 09:54:02 GMThttp://recyclingtricks.weebly.com/blog/-say-no-to-landfills
Don’t doom your leftover glass bottles to the dump. Be green after a party by recycling, not tossing, all the empties.
<![CDATA[ Recycle Your Washed-Up Washing Machine ]]>Mon, 07 Dec 2015 09:51:36 GMThttp://recyclingtricks.weebly.com/blog/-recycle-your-washed-up-washing-machine
You’ve finally stopped putting it off. After years of hearing about high efficiency washing machines, you’re taking advantage of a rebate from your utility to get a new machine. Don’t undo the positive environmental impact of your upgrade by improperly disposing of your old machine.

Avoid the Secondhand Market
Be wary of the company that offers to collect your old washer for free. Many turn around and sell functional washers at a used appliance store. If that washer of yours is an old-style water and electricity hog, it should not be put back into service.

Don’t Dump It
Washing machines are large appliances that take up a tremendous amount of room in a landfill. They also contain engine lubricants that can leak out. Don’t counteract your efforts to be green by treating your old washing machine like garbage.

Second Chances

Instead of dumping your old machine, recycle it. Not only can you make some money by taking it to a scrap metal recycling center, you will be putting its parts back to use. It takes much less energy to recycle metal than to mine it.

Upgrading to an efficient washing machine conserves natural resources. Recycle your old washing machine to do even more for the planet. Visit this website to find out more about appliance recycling in San Jose.